Omary Nuria

Here at Omary Nuria, we supply the best furniture that you can find in Australia. We have everything from silk bed cottons directly from Egypt to Norwegian rune lamps. What we have become is a store to buy the most exclusive pieces of furniture from around the world. We do not bulk purchase hundreds of items from everywhere around the world. But instead the highest quality and most unique pieces of furniture to sell as a luxury.

Throughout the next 6 days, we will be advertising some of our most valuable pieces of furniture that we still have for sale. A lot of these items and one of a kind, so you wouldn’t find them anywhere else outside of our store. That is because we commission artists and artisans to create them. But some of them are also unique and purchased directly from bespoke furniture makers.

Some of our items are genuine antiques which had to be purchased directly from auction. These are some of the rarest and most precious of the entire collection. With antique furniture, the most you can expect is slight damage from time itself. This is part of what makes Omary Nuria so exclusive as a company. We only sell the best products.

We ultimately want to sell our products to our readers, but we also purchase products from our readers often. If you have any one of a kind furniture or products, then let us know. If you already have a price in mind to sell the product for, then contact us in advance. Otherwise, we can hire a professional to appraise the products.

Every piece of furniture that we house in our warehouse is considered a piece of art by the employees for Omary Nuria. We treat all our inventory as treasure, and that is why we have been able to store so many pieces of furniture throughout the years with minimal loss.

Also, we want to say a thank you to a Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas for helping us so much throughout the years!