Wardrobes are a difficult project to create and finish, but they can also become some of the most rewarding. Due to the amount of work that goes into the creation of a wardrobe, it makes it difficult to create custom ones for the inside. The inside always must follow the same pattern of being mostly hollow, with the main exceptions being shelfs at the very top and bottom that allow for additional items such as towels and throws, or shoes.

Having said that, it’s the outer customisable options that make the wardrobe such a fun creation to participate in. When you start to look at some of the many additions that you could design and create alongside the wardrobe, the project becomes much more fun to participate in and complete.

What you also need to consider is the amount of time that it takes to create one of these wardrobes when you look at the size and scale that some come to be. Then, you need to look at the import and export of the many materials and furnishings that will come with a wardrobe if you decide to go with a custom look rather than the more standard ones you’ll be used to seeing.

While it may sound like we don’t love designing these wardrobes, we do. It’s just a very arduous and difficult task altogether. Some of them can be extremely tricky to craft and create properly. Other times it can be difficult to fit all the fittings and furnishings without any compromise to the integrity of the furniture itself, or the function.

I will say, if you are looking to get a custom-made wardrobe, it’s always better to go for a more bespoke surface rather than something that’s cheap. This is one of the main ways you can be sure to grab something that is worth the time and money.

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Sofas are a unique piece of furniture for a few reasons. Unlike beds, there isn’t a standard size that they should come in for the most part. The perfect sofa for one person won’t be the perfect sofa for another. And due to the different height and length requirements for the average person, you can only really go with an ergonomic type of design if you want to create a sofa that is a one size fits all.

Furnitures are also great because depending on the shape of the sofa, you can really make a difference and be unique. Usually however, the most creative sofas in terms of shapes and design are for the big sofas, so you will need to have a large and wide sofa to be able to design and craft one that is special.

A key aspect of why sofas are so different to make than other pieces of furniture is because that the materials must always say within the comfort section. There are many materials that I’m sure will look great for a sofa, but they cannot be used due to the lack of comfort they will provide the person using it. So with this in mind, you always need to make sure that the materials being used will provide a reasonable amount of comfort while in use throughout the lifetime of the sofa itself.

Sofas are also being made steadily over the years with customisable options. The original sofas were the same because it made sense at the time. They were luxury items. More homes did not have a sofa than did. But now it has become a staple household item, and you would be shocked to see a home that doesn’t have one. There are some great bespoke furniture Sydney companies that offer these, and I would always suggest custom sofas!

TV Stands

One of the least common requests for us to create ourselves is TV stands, but they are also the same items for us to create where we can be the most creative. With TV stands, the only thing that we must make sure is that it can stand the weight of the largest TV’s, and an extra amount for any additional items of pieces of furniture that may also be stacked on the stand itself.

Therefore, we love working on TV stands. We can add anything we want to it, create it out of nearly any material if it is strong enough, and the overall furnishings of the stand itself after creation and construction is very flexible. It’s one of the only furniture options where you could have leopard print mixed in with metal or oak and it doesn’t look entirely out of place!

One of the cooler things when it comes to TV stands too is that if it’s in use, you’ll never actually be looking at it. It’s entirely decorative when the TV is not being used, and it’s entirely practical once the TV is being used.

You really can be as creative as you want when you are looking at TV stands because it’s generally a practical item more than anything else. You can go for something that many would consider extremely outlandish, or you could go for something that is very quiet and modest. As long as the stand itself does its job, you’ll never really have complaints about the design itself.

It’s also fun when you start to look at changing the shape if the stand itself still works. If you an create a near full circle with a flat top, then you still have a TV stand with a new look. It’s just about being creative and expressive with the design.

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Some of the furniture that we like to create the most are beds. Beds are fun to create and design because while they genuinely have the same size and shape features, there are still a lot of things that you can be creative with including the headposts, posts, frame of the bed and more!

Some of the best beds that we have created never look the same. We have created modern looking beds and homage to classic looking beds that while both are so far away from each other, they still looked very great in the end.

While we do not mean to brag, it’s also easy to create a bed. Thanks to their general structure and shapes, it’s easy to create what you would consider to be a generic starting point for when you work on the actual design. The idea of creating the actual furnishings of a bed may seem daunting to some, but it’s surprisingly easy.

When looking at the overall construct, the bed itself has the most customisable opportunities within the frame and headboard, allowing for an extreme project with engravings and finishing’s to give the bed that extra touch that it’s missing.

Some of the best beds that we have created is by taking a more modern look on the frames itself. When it comes to adding lighting onto the frames that shine around the bed giving it that extra colour, it really makes a large difference. Especially when you consider the mood lighting aspect.

When you start to create mood lighting or different lighting options onto the headboard to collide with the frames, it will start to make the bed look like a piece of furniture that is alive compared to everything else within the room and the home. This is really what makes a product stand out against the rest.

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