TV Stands

One of the least common requests for us to create ourselves is TV stands, but they are also the same items for us to create where we can be the most creative. With TV stands, the only thing that we must make sure is that it can stand the weight of the largest TV’s, and an extra amount for any additional items of pieces of furniture that may also be stacked on the stand itself.

Therefore, we love working on TV stands. We can add anything we want to it, create it out of nearly any material if it is strong enough, and the overall furnishings of the stand itself after creation and construction is very flexible. It’s one of the only furniture options where you could have leopard print mixed in with metal or oak and it doesn’t look entirely out of place!

One of the cooler things when it comes to TV stands too is that if it’s in use, you’ll never actually be looking at it. It’s entirely decorative when the TV is not being used, and it’s entirely practical once the TV is being used.

You really can be as creative as you want when you are looking at TV stands because it’s generally a practical item more than anything else. You can go for something that many would consider extremely outlandish, or you could go for something that is very quiet and modest. As long as the stand itself does its job, you’ll never really have complaints about the design itself.

It’s also fun when you start to look at changing the shape if the stand itself still works. If you an create a near full circle with a flat top, then you still have a TV stand with a new look. It’s just about being creative and expressive with the design.

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